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Comunicato UCI

Nicholas Long and Laetitia Le Corguille take the wins in Chula Vista

Date: 18.09.2010

The 21-year-old Long upset Australian strongman Sam Willoughby and 2008 Olympic champion Maris Strombergs (Latvia) in the eight-man main to take his first World Cup podium of the 2010 season. “I had a decent start finally and didn’t have to back off,” Long explained after his podium ceremony. “I got cut off big time, did a little freestyle… was in fourth or fifth and just opened up and made some moves, did a clean lap and kept it together at the line.” The race came down to a fight at the line between Long and Willoughby with the American finishing first by a hair. Strombergs, who is always a favorite in any contest, grabbed the podium’s third spot. Jelle Van Gorkom (Netherlands) and Andre Sylvain (France) were fourth and fifth while Jorus Daudet (France) and Ramiro Marino (Argentina) were sixth and seventh.


Not surprisingly, 2009 Supercross World Cup champ Laetitia Le Corguille put forth a dominating performance in the women’s event to strengthen her lead in the 2010 series. She was followed over the line by French teammate Magalie Pottier. Collecting the bronze medal was the 19-year-old American, Alise Post (Saint Cloud, Minn.).The third-place effort was the first Supercross World Cup podium for Post. “I had a good start. I thought I had second place in the first turn but then somebody swooped low and I got a little pushed off the track,” Post explained afterwards. “I just had to ride with it from there, run with it. I ended up with third, so I’m happy.” Following Post over the line were fellow U.S. riders Amanda Geving (Largo, Fla.) and Brooke Crain (Visalia, Calif.). Colombian Mariana Pajon and Aussie Lauren Reynolds were sixth and seventh while American Arielle Martin (Spanaway, Wash.) was eighth.

The 2010 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup will conclude, October 8-9, in Frejus, France. Visit for complete results from each round so far.

UCI BMX Supercross World Cup –Round 3 Chula Vista, Calif. – September 18, 2010


1. Nicholas Long (Lakeside, Calif.)

2. Sam Willoughby (Australia)

3. Maris Strombergs (Latvia)


1. Laetitia Le Corguille (France)

2. Magalie Pottier (France)

3. Alise Post (Saint Cloud, Minn.)

facebook - i commenti dei protagonisti ...
Corben Sharrah great weekend out at chula vista sx.. had some great laps but just some mistakes in the semi!! overall awesome week out there.. finally back at home to get ready for Frejus, France sx.. last race of the sx season! should be a good one!!!
Donny Robinson It feels like I raced yesterday. Emotionally I was still on the gate. Physically I still want to be sleeping.
Jelle van Gorkom About to leave San Diego, had great time here, with an amazing first main event for me last night!!! ...
Laëtitia Le Corguillé finish 1 !! plus que fréjus maintenant !!!
Connor Fields one word describes last night. SHOEYS
Dale Holmes ... SX Final was crazy. Maris hit the gate and then his bars moved but still came back for 3rd behind Nic and Sam. Great to see old friends... Good times.
Ramiro Marino me duelen las piernas mucho, buen dia en la oficina!
Lauren Reynolds Chula Vista SX done for another yr. Awesome nigh of racing. got some wins in, hit the gate and wheel spun on he gate in the main..felt good until then. 7th overall for me. Frejus is next, Bring it:)
Sylvain André bon beh , j'ai mis tout ce que j'avais !! j'aurais au moins leadé une world cup dans ma vie! en espérant que ca ne soit pas la dernière :) !! 5
Joris Daudet bad final for me, but 6th , next time in frejus will be better for sur!!! and congrats to my team mate, sylvain andre, he rode awesome today and finished 5th!!!
Jared Graves Chula SX was officially a complete waste of time, never ridden so bad in all my life, just felt terrible in every way on my bike, but such good motivation for some good old fashioned hard work to begin after some time off.
Brooke Crain good day of racing.. 5th in the final, congrats to Alise with a 3rd and Nic with the win.
Caroline Buchanan Felt good in racing tonight although i was making little mistakes each run. Was out in the Semi finals..Looking forward till France and have more time on the BMX bike
Donny Robinson Great night tonight. Epic race action. That's what bmx racing is all about. Check it out next time.
Martijn Jaspers Completely f*cked up 2nd lap with a 7th. 2 times 4th got me 1 point short for Quarter final Q position. Packing stuff now!
Martijn Scherpen Awesome racing..!!
Redline Bicycles Congrats to Alise Post 3rd place finish and Sam Willoughby 2nd place finish!
Gianni Mazzucchelli finale ELITE MEN un poco incerta... o nò ?
Vilma Rimšaite OH MY GOD!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well done for French!! :)
Joey Bradford After the hill being wet last year you would think 365 days would be enough to come up with a solution. Apparently not.
Stefany Hernandez triste no entre a la final me quede de 5ta en semi, me dio 10mo lugar, unos buenos puntos la meta es Londres '12... a seguir entrenando que mas!
Chula Vista by night
photo #1
photo by Sylvain André (W1 - France National Team)
Time Trials facebook voices ...
Redline Bicycles Had 14 Redline global team riders (Elite Men) move on to the big show in Chula Vista tonight, and 5 Elite Women qualifying. Watch it LIVE tonight on
Supercross BMX Chula Vista Time trials are over! Congrats to Nathan Padilla and Dani George for making it to the big show. Check out the website for details.
Jonathan Suarez time trials superadooooooooooooo tomorrow another day .............. oriana salazar te amo mi vidaaaaa gracias ... good night everyone .!!!
Martijn Jaspers Missed out top 32 run 1, cuz overjumped 1st jump of 3rd straight, got bummer place 34, grrr! 2nd run on wet track, hitted my backwheel with my ass and almost missed place in the event. Finished in 29th place, so on outside lane in 1/8 final in moto 1.
Enora Le Roux 2 américaines aux 2 premières places du time trial , la course va être très très bonne :)
Ramiro Marino 19 en los tiempos, me fui a dormir, manana hay lioooo
Caroline Buchanan Time trial today here in California @ the BMX World Cup.. #5th place..few mistakes...Feeling good for tomorrow
Sylvain André , en a mit . 7
Connor Fields 2nd in the Time Trials by .01 bed time, then race tomorrow
Romain Riccardi time trial OK, now it's time to a recovery sleep!!!!!
Dale Holmes > Stephen Murray: See you tomorrow at Chula Vista.. Everyones looking foward to seeing you..
Barry Nobles Had a good lap in time trials. Taged a few thing pushing it a little to hard. But finished 27th. Race time tomorrow
Tyler Faoro First sx race for me time trials qualified 11th in the 2nd round and slowly got bumped back to 34th missing the cut of 32.
Nicholas Koehler Made it into the race my first supercross. Was ranked 41 out of 126 today. Stoked and can't wait for tomorrow!
Free Agent BMX Chula Vista World Cup Time Trial Results. 1st Maris Strombergs 2nd Connor Fields!
Alise Post best time trial to 2nd place!! amv15 with the victory...GO USA!!!
Corben Sharrah 3rd outta 134 men in TT today.. not to bad! rode a solid lap and cant wait to get out and race for tommorow!!
Stefany Hernandez terminando de correr los time trials clasifique de #22 y entraban 24 de vaina y me caigo estoy en shock todavia =O pero estoy adentro que es lo importante
youtube , un giro crono...
Purtroppo niente da fare per Giacomo Fantoni - 44° tempo nella seconda run - e Mattia Furlan, 69° tempo.
18/09/2010 - h. 8.00

TIME TRIAL / RUN1 : Mattia Furlan parte per 43° / Giacomo Fantoni 81° / Romain Ricardi 89° / Manuel De Vecchi 109° . Chiude la lista Sam Willoughby 134° ... 32 passano al primo giro, 32 al secondo.

TT / Lista partenza Elite Men
inizio ore 4.20

Nelle donne un cambiamento rispetto a quanto riportato in precedenza: effettuano i TT in 28, di queste solo 24 si qualificheranno per la gara, 12 nel primo giro, 12 nel secondo.

TT / Lista partenza Elite Women
inizio ore 4.00

17/09/2010 - h. 22.36 - Altre foto da Chula ...
photo #1
photo #1
arrivo a CLV ... / ph. jack fantoni
Mattia non crede ai propri occhi ... /jf
photo #1
photo #1
the promise land ... /jf
il truck ABA ... /jf
da Dale Holmes - Team Manager Free Agent
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photo #1
the NR. ONE
e la bici?
Lakucs & Maris
da Sander Bisseling - Dutch Army
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proprio un postaccio ...


17/09/2010 - h. 10.30 - Aggiornamento flash da Chula Vista:

MATTIA FURLAN & GIACOMO FANTONI: entrambi soddisfatti della prima sessione di prove sulla mitica pista californiana. Difficile ma molto veloce - grazie al fondo trattato con Soil-tac un prodotto che indurisce il terreno fino a farlo assomigliare a cemento ... - sono riusciti a saltare tutto. L'ambiente è incredibile, atmosfera da grande evento.



un video venezuelano ... con un po' d'Italia !



La Tv trasmette un clip pubblicitario...


Gli atleti mandano immagini tramite facebook...
photo #1
photo by Sylvain André (France National Team)
photo #1
photo by Stefany Hernandez (Redline)

il programma:
(fuso orario -9 h rispetto h italiana)

UCI BMX Supercross World Cup #3, 16-18 September 2010
Chula Vista, California (USA)
Event Schedule
Thursday 16 September / mercoledì 16 settembre
ora locale
ora italiana
8:00 AM - 11:00 AM
17.00 - 18.00
9:00 AM - 10:25 AM
18.00 - 19.25
Elite Women Practice - Group C
10:30 AM - 11:55 AM
19.30 - 20.55
Elite Men Practice - Group A
12:00 PM - 1:25 PM
21.00 - 22.25
Elite Men Practice - Group B
Thursday 16 September / giovedì 16 - venerdì 17 settembre
    ABA BMX Hall Of Fame
    San Diego Hall of Champions
    2131 Pan American Plaza
San Diego, CA 92101
5:30 PM -7:00 PM
02.30 - 04.00
Ticket Will Call
6:00 PM -7:00 PM
03.00 - 04.00
6:00 PM -9:00 PM
03.00 - 06.00
Induction Ceremony
Friday 17 September / venerdì 17 - sabato 18 settembre
02:00 PM -06:00 PM
23.00 - 03.00
Transponder fitting
4:00 PM -4:55 PM
01.00 - 01.55
Elite Women Practice - Group C
5:00 PM -5:55 PM
02.00 - 02.55
Elite Men Practice - Group B
6:00 PM -6:55 PM
03.00 - 03.55
Elite Men Practice - Group A
7:00 PM -7:20 PM
04.00 - 04.20
Elite Women Time trials qualification #1
7:20 PM -8:50 PM
04.20 - 05.50
Elite Men Time trials qualification #1
8:50 PM -9:00 PM
05.50 - 06.00
Elite Women Time trials qualification #2
9:00 PM -10:00 PM
06.00 - 07.00
Elite Men Time trials qualification #2
Saturday 18 September / domenica 19 settembre
3:30 PM -4:30 PM
00.30 - 01.30
Swatch Signature Session
5:00 PM -5:45 PM
02.00 - 02.45
Warm up Elite Men
5:50 AM -6:15 PM
02.50 - 03.15
Warm up Elite Women
>6:30 PM
Elite Men 1/8 Finals 1st round
    Elite Men 1/8 Finals 2
    Elite Women Semifinal 1
    Elite Men 1/8 Finals 3
    Elite Women Semifinal 2
8:30 PM -8:45 PM
05.30 - 05.45
Elite Men Quarterfinal
8:55 PM -9:05 PM
05.55 - 06.05
Elite Women Semifinal 3
9:05 PM -9:15 PM
06.05 - 06.15
Elite Men Semifinal
9:20 PM -9:35 PM
06.20 - 06.35
Elite Women Final
9:35 PM -9:45 PM
06.35 - 06.45
Elite Men final
9:55 PM -10:00 PM
06.55 - 07.00
Awards ceremony
i riders:

137 uomini per 64 posti
4 italiani
Fantoni - Furlan - Riccardi (Nazionale) / De Vecchi (Redline)
57 americani !!!

32 donne per ... 32 posti!
16 americane !!!

riepilogo riders

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