Sono l'americano Corben Sharrah (1992) e la francese Manon Valentino i vincitori del primo SX della stagione, gare molto avvincenti con duelli al limite e molte cadute. Fuori in semifinale uno dei favoriti, l'australiano Willoughby e "solo" terzo il vincitore dei Time Trials Joris Daudet


Rank Bike Name NOC Gate Time Mark
1 24 SHARRAH Corben USA 1 34.054  
2 97 YOUNG Khalen AUS 4 34.815  
3 3 DAUDET Joris FRA 3 35.095  
4 121 VAN DER BIEZEN Raymon NED 6 35.156  
5 717 JIMENEZ CAICEDO Andres COL 8 35.620  
6 77 DE WILDE Robert NED 5 36.026  
7 80 HERMAN David USA 7 37.689  
8 777 WILLERS Marc NZL 2    


Rank Bike Name NOC Gate Time Mark
1 971 VALENTINO Manon FRA 3 33.714  
2 446 DIAZ Maria Gabriela ARG 7 34.858  
3 96 WALKER Sarah NZL 2 36.116  
4 50 POTTIER Magalie FRA 4 43.085  
5 68 BUCHANAN Caroline AUS 1 43.726  
6 222 RIMSAITE Vilma LTU 8 49.473  
7 469 HERNANDEZ Stefany VEN 5 1:04.164  
8 21 REYNOLDS Lauren AUS 6   DNF



09/04/ h. 15.39 >> Riccardi e De Vecchi non sono riusciti a superare le manche

09/04/ h. 14.16 >> 1° turno: Riccardi 4° / De Vecchi non arrivato , in attesa di notizie

(finale Elite Women al minuto 134
Finale Elite Men al minuto 138)



abbiamo aggiunto l'anno di nascita delle 8 teste di serie ... Oquendo e vd Biezen classe 1987, a 24 anni sembrano due veterani !!!
Start List - Qualifying - run #1
Heat Bike First Name Name NOC
1 3 Joris DAUDET FRA  1991
1 193 Daniel SCHLANG GER  
1 135 Hugo Vasconcellos OSTETI BRA  
1 114 Augusto CASTRO HERRERA COL  
1 15 Martijn SCHERPEN NED  
1 138 Lucas Alfredo BUSTOS ARG  
2 566 Carlos OQUENDO ZABALA COL  1987
2 61 Joshua MEYERS USA  
2 165 Edzus TREIMANIS LAT  
2 80 David HERMAN USA  
2 56 Sergio Ignacio SALAZAR LOPEZ COL  
2 421 Romain RICCARDI ITA  
2 316 Tyler BROWN USA  
2 150 Arnaud DUBOIS BEL  
3 39 Sylvain ANDRE FRA  1992
3 154 Kurt PICKARD NZL  
3 90 Ramiro MARINO ARG  
3 28 Manuel DE VECCHI ITA  
3 373 Renaud BLANC SUI  
3 10 Donny ROBINSON USA  
3 103 Stepán TUMPACH CZE  
3 913 Jan SVUB CZE  
4 24 Corben SHARRAH USA  1992
4 97 Khalen YOUNG AUS  
4 86 Alex ANTHONY USA  
4 182 Trent WOODCOCK NZL  
4 126 Fausto ENDARA MADERA ECU  
4 572 Luis BRETHAUER GER  
4 148 Twan VAN GENDT NED  
4 333 Alexander CAMERON AUS  
5 121 Raymon VAN DER BIEZEN NED  1987
5 77 Robert DE WILDE NED  
5 777 Marc WILLERS NZL  
5 102 Morten THERKILDSEN DEN  
5 58 Axel KELLER SUI  
5 149 Darryn GOODWIN AUS  
5 525 Gavin LUBBE RSA  
6 64 Nicholas LONG USA  1989
6 42 Brian KIRKHAM AUS  
6 82 Michael ROBINSON AUS  
6 12 Michal PROKOP CZE  
6 974 Olivier HOARAU FRA  
6 954 Tyler FAORO USA  
6 160 Maris GUTMANIS LAT  
6 94 James BROWN CAN  
7 49 Tory NYHAUG CAN  1992
7 4 Thomas HAMON FRA  
7 717 Andres Eduardo JIMENEZ CAICEDO COL  
7 48 David GRAF SUI  
7 95 Barry NOBLES USA  
7 909 Federico POLO ARG  
7 155 Julian SCHMIDT GER  
7 18 Lukáš TAMME CZE  
8 91 Sam WILLOUGHBY AUS  1991
8 69 Damien GODET FRA  
8 37 Jelle VAN GORKOM NED  
8 92 Martijn JASPERS NED  
8 167 Kurt JAMES NZL  
8 206 Thomas HUBERT AUS  
8 40 Sander BISSELING NED  
8 170 Rihards VEIDE LAT  
i commenti dei protagonisti su facebook:
Darryn Goodwin qualifed with 14 spots to spare yeeeooow yeeeooow!!!
Tory Nyhaug 6th in TT and 3rd in superfinal! Really stoked, can't wait for racing tomorrow! Let's go for it!
Enora Le Roux 29eme après un tour dégueulasse! Mais l'essentiel est assuré. RDV demain sur
Christian Van de Groenendaal Winners EC BMX in Belgium also won super final in South Africa today. I like their programm. Not skipping races. Just ride and score! #bmx
Jelle van Gorkom ?^#<|{F>>U<}C\{]*K%#}]~< pedals and cleats!! Thank god im in... Put it together for the real deal tomorrow!!!
Khalen Young 12th in TT after a shithouse start to practice. Not bad for an old bloke.
Samantha Cools who hits a gate in the time trials? That would be me..... hahah top 5 in the first time trial of the year .. whoop whoop I will take that :)
Brian Kirkham 1st in the first TT, 10th in the 2nd. time to heal my back, neck, shoulder for tomorrow. Holy Wars!
Raymon van der Biezen 2nd place during time trials today... Rode a decent lap, but I wanne do better #tryharder
Sam Willoughby First day on the track went well today I think my heart rate was at 3000 out of turn 2. But felt good looking forward to tomorrow.
Josh Meyers Took a good digger today in practice knocked my knoggin and hurt my chest and wrists pretty sore but time trailed good ended up 9th overall hopefully end the weekend tomorrow with a spot in the final.
Corben Sharrah 3rd in first TT with absolutely no gate! haha and 5th in the superfinal thing. put in a couple solid laps! happy with my performance, see what tomorrow brings! :)
Amélie Despeaux 13th at the super final...hmmm
Emilio Falla Clasificado para la primera copa del mundo del 2011! Manana la carrera, gracias por el apoyo!
Manon Valentino Première aujourd'hui, bonne nuit de repos et demain c'est parti!
Marc Willers Conveniently got 18th in a chill TT lap, so not having to burn another lap like the top 16 did.
Alise Post Sx world cup PMB Time trials are in the books&All USA riders moving on to the show. I had a decent lap but excited to step it up for racing!
Tyler Brown Here it is fans. TT is over. In the show for tomorrow. Time to make it happen. See ya on the gate...
Barry Nobles Finished 35th in time trials today after my bars fell in my lap. Looking for a better day tomorrow.
David Graf timetrial went pretty good at least until last corner! 30th place..
gonna be some taff racing on that rollercoaster tmrw!!



JORIS DAUDET vince la Superfinale Elite Men!

MANON VALENTINO vince la Time trials SUPERFINAL femminile !


TT Elite Men: i primi 42 ...
la prova di Donny Robinson, tutti gli olandesi qualificati, ancora nessuna notizia degli italiani
Il server IN Sudafrica è crashato, non ci sono gli aggiornamenti online.
Abbiamo recuperato a lista dei risultati delle Elite Women:

Sander Bisseling pubblica un video realizzato durante la sessione di prove di ieri sulla nuova pista SX ...


Da Pietermaritzburg le prime impressioni dei riders impegnati oggi nelle prove sul particolare tracciato disegnato da Tom Ritzenthaler ...

Dopo giorni di pioggia che hanno non poco preoccupato gli organizzatori, è tornato il sole e Tom Ritz conta di sistemare la pista al meglio per le prove e i Time Trials di domani.

Willoughby fermo oggi per un problema di stomaco, Willers spera che dopo le piogge la pista diventi meno molle ed è curioso di vedere cosa succederà nel caso due piloti affrontino assieme la seconda curva, il tracciato è piuttosto stretto in alcuni punti e anche Lubbe ritiene fondamentale portarsi davanti il prima possibile, i sorpassi saranno molto difficili.

UCI BMX Supercross Media Release  No: bmx1117

Tension laden practice ahead of start of UCI BMX Supercross

Pietermaritzburg - BMX riders from around the globe put the tough new BMX track through it's paces in the first practise session ahead of the UCI BMX Supercross at Alexandra Park in Pietermaritzburg with most of the elite riders looking a little nervy as they set out on the newly constructed track.

Despite Mother Nature’s best efforts to disrupt the start of the World Cup season opener action with a week of steady rainfall, the practice session got under way as scheduled with everyone eager come to grips with some of the Olympic experimental elements and put the revolutionary track to the test.

“The track’s hardened up nicely so hopefully there won’t be any more rain today and then I think it should be pretty good come Saturday,” said inform New Zealander Marc Willers.

“The second berm could get pretty interesting especially if a couple of us go into it at the same time but otherwise its pretty cool!” he added.

“It’s probably going to be fairly crucial to get in front as early as possible as its going to be difficult to pass in the middle section,” said local hopeful Gavin Lubbe. “The wind played a bit of a part today but otherwise its been pretty good.”

One of the hot favourite’s for this weekend’s title is Australian Sam Willoughby who decided to sit the first training session out after being struck down by a stomach bug earlier in the week.

“Its difficult to say exactly how it is out there having only watched from the sidelines but it looks to be pretty tough and quite tight but I’ll just wait and see tomorrow,” said Willoughby.

Kyle Dodd expressed similar views on the lack of space to pass. “The jumps are a bit harder than they look. You struggle to use your speed you take into the jumps because they kick you so high and with it being so tight its going to be really tough to get around guys.”

“The first jump is something new for us so that’s really exciting and the third straight is a lot deeper than expected so it’s quite a technical course overall but I’m really looking forward to getting out there again tomorrow,” said Alise Post who leads the charge for the strong US ladies contingent.

“Its been a good day today. I think the more we ride the track the better its going to get!” said South African Teagan O’Keeffe.

Having had their backs against the ropes with all the rain that’s fallen over the past few days Tom Ritzenthaler and his team worked tirelessly to ensure the surface was ready to go and will continue to work overnight making any necessary last minutes adaptions .

“We’re pretty happy all considered but there are quite a few bumps so we’re going to have to shave those out but otherwise it’s been pretty good,” said Ritzenthaler.

With the course being a complete unknown for all there were unfortunately a couple of riders who came off second best. Donavan Mienie and Lunga Mkhize of South Africa had heavy falls along with Julian Schmidt of Germany however medics confirmed all who sustained injuries were stable.

The first day’s action gets underway with the second practise session beginning at 10h00 on Friday 8 April.

The UCI BMX Supercross in Pietermaritzburg takes place at Alexandra Park on 8 and 9 April.

More information can be found at 

Caption Photographer
UCI BMX Supercross 2011 Logo  
Sarah Walker of New Zealand along with the rest of her female competitors took full advantage of Thursday’s practise session of the UCI BMX Supercross in Pietermaritzburg.  Craig Dutton/
Gameplan Media
Donovan Mienie of South Africa had a nasty fall and was stretchered off at Thursday’s opening practise session of the UCI BMX Supercross in Pietermaritzburg however medics later confirmed all those who sustained injuries were in a stable condition. Craig Dutton/
Gameplan Media
A tight, technical track awaits the international field who have gathered in Pietermaritzburg for the opening leg of the UCI BMX Supercross. Craig Dutton/
Gameplan Media
“It’s probably going to be fairly crucial to get in front as early as possible as its going to be difficult to pass in the middle section,” said local hopeful Gavin Lubbe. Craig Dutton/
Gameplan Media
Toon Jacobs of Belgium in full flight with the rest of the international field of elite BMX riders try out the newly constructed track at Alexandra Park at the UCI BMX Supercross in Pietermaritzburg.  Craig Dutton/
Gameplan Media
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