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Maris Strombergs Finally back home... Had a great weekend in France Frejus, won the last SX race of the year and SX title as well! Feels damn good, despite temperature, runny noise and rest of the stuff what comes with that, it just made this race and title even more special! I think its time for well earned couple of days off! Hot tea, nasal drops,cough drops for next few days and then back to work!

Connor Fields :) you get what you put in!! great day today-3rd on the day and 3rd overall for the season! beach time

Eddy King > Connor Fields: CF11- How does somebody pedal only to the 1st jump and go from 8th to 3rd? You coasted the entire straightaway!!! Amazing move in the 1st turn my man! Congrats on a killer SX year and good luck with the ABA Am title. Cheers, Eddy King

Lauren Reynolds 2nd in Frejus yesterday at the last SX world cup for the year. Good day, pretty happy with the Result. Of to spend 2 days in Nice before heading back to the goldy:)

Ivo van der Putten just got a phone call out of Frejus, surprised and happy with the Style of the year award i just got... ;)

Caroline Merryn Not the best day today in racing. Things were going great until I was taken out going 54km/ph on the 1st jump and injured my shoulder and leg. I raced the semi final but was in to much pain to progress through to the final. Just spent most of the night in hospital with bleeding calf and got told I cant fly back to the States and then home. will be solo in milan for a week nursing my leg and then getting a flight back to aus. Result: #2nd in the Overall World Cup circuit and I WON FEMALE BMX RIDER OF THE YEAR!!!! Thanks everyone for voting :)

Jelle van Gorkom Rounded out the season with another semi final, at the afterparty now.. Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mariana Pajon 3ra en la final de la copa mundo...el mejor resultado de SX del año...
gracias a todos!!!

Josh Meyers well i set out and did what i wanted to do here in france i made it out of the quater then made it to the main. this may be gay but idc. thanks to SSquared Bicycles and the entire sawyer family without them i wouldnt have had this opp. to do what i did this year. and of course mum and pop. Debbie Stiff Jones and Bob Meyers

Corben Sharrah 5th overall in sx points... not to bad! didnt do as well in the last round as i had wanted to but oh well.. you win some you lose some! just gotta keep looking forward to the future and keep progressing and things will come!! now time to see if i can win best style of the year for sx!! :)

Sander Bisseling Sore body and head after my crash in Frejus, hard to see on video what exactly happened, still thinking it was the wind..

Kristaps Vinters had first experience in SX, did a good 2nd qualification lap, i'm happy with result, caught the feeling so.. next year!

Romain Riccardi c'est la fin d'une longue saison!!!!!!! et le début d'une courte pause!!!!

Merle van Benthem Back home from Frejus. Watching this SX was harder than i thought.. Already excited for next season!!

Sylvain André , une montre un trophée 3 grammes et une perte de voix , tel est le bilan de la BMXParty 2010 ...

Francky Gagnu Et encore troi moto au SX de Fréjus ... du boulot. No pain, no main!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joyce Seesing Got 6th at the Frejus worldcup yesterday! Heading home today =).

Sander Bisseling Bad end of the season here in Frejus, crashed in first moto and went to the hospital for different checks. Luckily no bad things...

Raymon van der Biezen Really disappointed about yesterday SX race, but happy for my girlfirend cause she played her first match in 3 years after a long injury...




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oggi trasferimento a FREJUS! aggiornamenti in diretta da domani!


Le STARTING LIST dei time trials di domani, primo degli italiani a partire: MARCO CASSANELLI (14°)




Bas de Bever Made it to the cote d'Azur, France for the world cup finals....sure is a nice place to end the season every year...

Donny Robinson (ha avuto l'ok dai medici per ricominciare gli allenamenti!) BMX ride, road bike ride, push ups and now I can't move anything but my face- and it's still all smiles.


Bastien Merle:

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Roberto Cristofoli leavin for fréjusdrush

Raymon van der Biezen Just updated Now packing my last stuff for the last UCI BMX Supercross in Frejus!

Martijn Scherpen On my way to the airport leaving for Frejus for the last Worldcup of 2010!!

Jelle van Gorkom Just woke up, packing the last few things before I leave!! Ready for Frejus...


UCI BMX Supercross 2010: Frejus - Pre Event Teaser


05/10/2010 iniziata la costruzione della pista!


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photo #1


Shanaze Reade Bag packing! Frejus here i come........ Sooo wish i was racing!

Alise Post awesome day here in france. went to st. maxime for a few hours and rode the awesome track and had lunch there on the water...

Merle van Benthem Packing for Frejus.. Its weird not packing my bmx clothes for this weekend due injury.. :(

Luke Madill Finally in France after a 9 hour flight to Bangkok, 12 hours to London then 2 hours to Nice.

Josh Meyers morning ride sesh at Ste.Maxime good fun track then a mean ol american football sesh at the beach across the street from the hotel with everyone. dinner bed then rest day.

Emilio Falla Frejus, france! The weather is much better today!

Weston Pope Heading out to Frejus, France this morning, UCI BMX. Got some good music, a few movies and of course, the never ending supply of studying to help keep me busy on the travel.

Anders Grønsund last day in Copenhagen, not the best training but tons of good rest. been so windy!! we are super pumped for frejus...

Corben Sharrah good ol france!!! how nice it is to be here again for the ending of another great supercross season!! time to do some ridin at a local track then a ride around town!! pretty stoked!!

Kristers Lejins Packing bags and heading out to France.

Connor Fields so i made it to france, but my bags decided to go sightseeing in germany. guess ill chill in my smelly clothes for the 3rd day straight



03-04/10/2010 I big sono in viaggio ...


Connor Fields early wake up call tomorrow. San diego-San Fransisco-Fraankfurt-Nice

Maris Strombergs Despite I had to wake up early this morning and had to go to Orange Y for the State championhip finals, it was a fun day over there with all the Rockstar buddies and all the kids at the track! I really enjoyed that!
Next stop -> Supercross race in France, Frejus!

Rob van den Wildenberg Packing bags for Supercross Frejus this weekend. Looking forward to race a Supercross track again! Always nice to visit the Cote d'Azure.

Sifiso Nhlapo Off to france tomorrow for the finale round of the sx series this weekend.

Alise Post made it to france safe and sound to dinner in a bit and then can finally succumb to my daylong urge to sleep =]

Laura Smulders Packing my stuff for SX Frejus this weekend ! (:

Sander Bisseling Packed my bags already for the last time of the 2010 season, this weekend Supercross Frejus, France...

Mariana Pajon germany and then nice, france :)

David Herman Boarding another plane to another country. Sx finals in France. Ciao

Dominique Daniels Raining in France today, so no practice anywhere today :(
So it looks like sightseeing and shopping is what's on for today :D
Tis a good day :3

Stefany Hernandez en Francia, ya se aproxima lo que sera la IV Copa Mundial UCI de Supercross... rider ready???




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il tracciato di gara



Enora Le Roux La section sportive a Aigle :)




Frejus perde una delle possibili protagoniste: l'olandese Merle van Benthem, campionessa mondiale Junior in Sudafrica. La brutta caduta nel SX di Chula Vista sembrava non avesse provocato altro se non una forte commozione cerebrale, invece oggi, a seguito di un ulteriore controllo è emersa una frattura alla mano.

Merle van Benthem Thought i only had a big concussion from my crash in Chula Vista but i visit the hospital today & i broke my hand too because of that crash!

Dominique Daniels Its off to Belgium and France avec moi. Wish me bon chance :P Excitement!!!

Pierre- Henri Sauze Bientôt Fréjus !!!!!!!!!!! Vendredi et Samedi course et Dimanche stage!!!!!!!!!!

Guilhem Caprili très très bonne journée! Pure session riding à Aigle avec les pilotes de la section sportive, du beau pilotage et de bons moments à espérer à Fréjus, fin de journée à Mours avec un engagement total des pilotes, une équipe au top qui va faire mal cette année encore. GO4HIT

photo #1AIGLE - c'è il TUTTO ESAURITO alla pista SX del Centro Mondiale di Ciclismo (WCC) in Svizzera: oltre al gruppo dell'UCI con Allier, ci sono gli australiani, i canadesi, i cechi, i tedeschi, un gruppo con Caprili, un altro gruppo con Gutierrez, perfino la squadra svizzera di ski-cross. La settimana prossima sarà la volta del team Intense Europe e della nazionale svizzera.



28-29/09/2010 ... chi si prepara a partire per Frejus e chi cerca di raggiungere Aigle per allenarsi ...

Sam Willoughby What do you do when you are on the Italian and Swiss border in the middle of the mountains and the GPS takes you to a ghetto little train station and says get on the Ferry???? We were confused today but, we made it to Aigle!

Stefany Hernandez France m'attend...

Ramiro Marino buenos aires-roma-niza en 7 dias al tubo =)


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